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Pokémon Pikachu/2

Game: Pokémon Pikachu/ 2      
Platform: Handheld

An interactive "Tamagachi"-type game, where you can play games to earn watts. Pikachu can also be a "virtual pet" that you can walk with to earn watts. With the watts that you earn, you can give Pikachuu various gifts. You can earn watts in both versions. These watts can also earn you special items in the Gold and Silver versions of the Pokémon Game Boy game. The main difference is that Pokémon Pikachu 2 is in color, whereas Pokémon Pikachu is not.


100-199 watts will earn a prize of Berry
200-299 watts will earn a prize of Bitter Berry
300-399 watts will earn a prize of Great Ball
400-499 watts will earn a prize of Max Repel
500-599 watts will earn a prize of Ether
600-699 watts will earn a prize of Miracle Berry
700-799 watts will earn a prize of Gold Berry
800-899 watts will earn a prize of Elixer
900-998 watts will earn a prize of Revive
999 watts will earn a prize of Rare Candy

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